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Potje Pet Loss Services offers counselling services targeted primarily to pet owners and/or people working with animals who are struggling with loss issues related to an animal.

Pet loss takes many shapes and forms. Potje Pet Loss Services can help you through your grief resolution journey related to anticipatory (your pet has a terminal illness), historical and/or recent pet loss.

  • Individual Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Pet Loss Education and Support Group
  • Pet Memorial and Tribute Planning Assistance

Individual and Family Sessions

  •  $49 for 1 hour session, $70 for 90 min session, $85 for 2 hour session
  • Some sliding scale available for people experiencing financial struggles. 

Prepaid Gift certificates available:

  • 1hr session $49,
  • 90 mins, $70
  •  2 one hour  "or" one two hour sessions $85
  •  3 one hour sessions $120
  •  5 one hour sessions $195

The aim is for each person to have the tools to continue to work on their own grief recovery after 1 to 5 sessions.  Some people may need or want more sessions. 

It is highly recommended that people receiving individual or family counselling  read the book The Loss of a Pet by Dr. Wallace Sife, PH.D.    Copies are available at Amazon.ca and (Amazon.com if you are in the U.S.) or can be purchased through Potje Pet  Loss Services for for $25.00.


I have scaled down my practice, thus I have closed my office space.  The Counselling session location will be at the client's residence or another mutually agreed upon location.

Upon request, services may be provided by phone or online video conference using Skype.  Please contact Potje Pet Loss Services to discuss these possibilities.  My skype name is facebook:potjesj

Payment Methods

Payment by cash, electronic transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card at the end of each session.